Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Madison page for the Nuclear Engineering Laboratory Course for Plasma Physics. This website is here to introduce you to PLASMA PHYSICS and the laboratory course we use at UW-Madison to give our advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students hands on experience with this growing scientific field.

If you’re new to plasma physics, head over to our Science Pages to get a beginner’s primer in the scientific background, why we study plasmas, and how this all applies to nuclear energy.

To learn more about the laboratory course itself, our approach, and the experiments students conduct click on The Experiments page.

Interested in the research we do here in Madison? Explore The UW Plasma Reseach Program. Like what you see and want to get involved? We have a page with links for Prospective Undergraduate and Graduate Students.

Are you a Teacher looking for lesson plans and ideas to bring plasma physics into your classroom? Our section For Teachers is just for you.

This outreach effort and recent updates to the laboratory class are funded by the National Science Foundation under the CAREER program, award number PHYS-1455210.